Inkjet Cartridges



Why don't I get the recommended page yield?

Inkjet printers consume ink whether you use them or not if the printer is left turned on.. Some of them will even petulantly squirt ink until they're empty. The 'cleaning' cycle consumes ink, too. Even if you only ever print black and white content, the printer will consume other colors. It will consume all colors, all the time to keep the heads wet and ready to print. They will dry out if you unplug them or turn them off, and that will dry out the heads.

Why should I purchase your inks?

Not all third party compatible inks are created equal. There are excellent third-party printer manufacturers out there that promise to meet or exceed OEM quality and even offer warranties, we fall into this category.
Then there are the cheap knock-off ink cartridges that give all third-party ink a bad name. We guarantee all of our products and are always willing to listen to any concerns that you may have to keep our quality and service the best in the industry. We do not use any "Drill and Fill" ink cartridges. All of our products are either compatible new cartridges or for older printers where new units are not available we offer fully rebuilt ink cartridges.